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“The universe rewards us for understanding it and punishes us for not understanding it.

When we understand the universe, our plans work and we feel good.

Conversely, if we try to fly by jumping off a cliff and flapping our arms, the universe will kill us.”

– Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart

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About the Geo Sessions Program

Providing in-depth geoeconomic Analysis to enhance your strategy

The “GeoSessions” program is a rapid knowledge acquisition seminar designed to allow a time-efficient information transfer for increased “black swan readiness” of your team and organization.

Attendance is limited to ensure high quality and networking at the event. The objective is to connect leaders and entrepreneurs with experts, insiders and researchers and learn insights that can only be gained in a direct exchange.


Power, Influence

Reviewing the dynamics of the international power static and motivation of key players.


Technology, Sience

Threats and opportunities of latest technological and scientific achievements.


Security, Sovereignty

Trends and disruptions in the global security landscape from a political and technological point of view.


Economics, Society

Trends, risks and opportunities in markets, invternetionism, society and culture.

Finding antifragile solutions in times of hyper-fragility

We see an ever increasing tension. On the one side interventionism, surveillance and control and on the other side disruptive technology and decentralization. Meanwhile the third revolution of production is unleashing its power into an unstable and unsettled world.

What do we do? We all expect something to happen, something to change. We now have the necessary tools to create a parallel economy that does not depend or depends very little on the shenanigans of centrals planners.

Geo Sessions empower leaders to gain insider knowledge from international experts and learn and connect within an exclusive and discrete environment.


Upcoming Session

AI, Shadowbanning & Censorship 

Finding truth in a censored web

Who checks the fact checkers?

An unprecedented wave of censorship and political correctness is pushed on the web and social platforms, eliminating free flow of information.

Even the President of the United states is censored on Twitter.
But who checks the fact checkers? And how do we verify information?
How can we trust truth that is pre-selected by algorithms?

Let’s discuss challenges and opportunities of the fact-checked web.

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About the expert

Joshua is a tech entrepreneur currently head of Vaultoro bitcoin gold exchange. He has vast experience in the dynamics of the bitcoin and gold markets and is an expert in geoeconomical aspects of asset protection. Joshua has been advocating for sovereign money for many years and is a well respected thoughtleader and commentator on macro economic threats and opportunities from an austrian school’s angle.

You can support Disrupt Search with our affiliate link -> www.vaultoro.com


Intelligence Report (10min)

  • Executive summary
  • Data overview
  • Risks & opportunities
  • Opening questions
  • Resources & facts

Discussion & Networking

  • High-level discussion
  • Solution and strategy oriented
  • Direct exchange with expert
  • Build relationships
  • Inspiration, Insights & Ideas
  • Meet investors
  • Meet talent

The format is exactly what business leaders like me are looking for, a short session with clear goal and agenda and the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with top experts in a small and trusted circle.

Anonymized, CEO of a mid-size company

Defenitely worth attending, that’s the level of discussion and depth of content I am always missing on usual conferences.

Anonymized, Infosec professional

High level discussions on topics that matter are rare to find. Disrupt Search connects a high value network and creates a forum for global intelligence and strategic insight that you won’t find easily.

Anonymized, IT professional working for Apple

It gave me new insights and helped to advance and improve my mental models and geopolitical understanding

Anonymized, IT project leader

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