There can be many reasons to seek for alternatives to the number one search engine. Maybe you cannot find what you are looking for, or you are afraid your content will be censored. Or you simply want to improve your internet privacy and accuracy of search results.

For many of us, Google has been the first and the last search engine. However, many of us also see! trust is broken and the relationship is silently breaking appart. We are concerned about our privacy and we sometimes feel that search results are heavily biased and influenced by a political agenda.

Luckily, the internet still is a competitive place, and many alternative search engines are offering their service to new users.
The most well known alternative to Google is Duck Duck go. If you value your privacy above everything else then duckduckgo is defenitely the way to go as it offers superior privacy standards. Not only is your search history private but dies not have any interest in tracking your activities whatsoever. A notable feature of is that it offers you what they call “bangs”. Bangs are shortcuts that quickly take you to search results on other sites. For example, when you know you want to search on another site like Wikipedia or Amazon, our bangs get you there fastest. A search for !w filter bubble will take you directly to Wikipedia.

Remember, though, because your search is actually taking place on that other site, you are subject to that site’s policies, including its data collection practices.
A proxy service that allows you to browse anonymously, who could ask for more. Need i say more. I will however say this service offers a custom URL generator that promotes cookie free internet which is about the best way to know that your device is exactly your device and you di not have to make any allowance to someone else for using their service.
Search encrypt very much like the name suggests uses local encryption to safeguard your search activities and as such acts like the visor between you and your priest in the confession booth. The best part of this service is by far the auto delete function that once you opt in deletes your history every 15 minutes so you can forget to delete it without any concern ( and dont we all).
As can be expected of a society like the Swiss, Swisscows has built in filters for pornography and violence which cant be overwritten thus offering users the very best in parental controls. This service is also popular with regular users for their suggestion tags but morely so for their approach to advertising. Their adverts are shaped by your search criteria and nothing else, which is very considerate of your time and data costs
Whereas Bing being the second most used search engine provides an array of search services its best quality is by far its visual search capabilities. Bing facilitates previews of videos right there on the search page by a user simply hovering their cursor over a thumbnail of interest this could end up saving you alot with regard data expenses as this preview is automatically loaded.
The very best in searching for news articles from just about anywhere in the world. This service draws search results from no less than 70 sources. You configure how you want to go about searching. What makes this service thee most trustworthy is that it is open source. What may seem as a con but in actual fact ads to its attractiveness is that searches are not taking place while you type until you press search thus you are gauranteed that noone is inside your device ever.


Can I trust alternative search engines?

Yes and no. In general you can never trust any service that you don’t understand. And who can claim to fully understand how a search engine really works. But the good thing is, there is an easier answer to this. Trust comes with time and therefore you can start just today and use any of the alternatives. You will experience yourself if you get higher quality search results with alternative search engines or not. And you will also experience the main differences between all the alternatives. After some time you may have a preference for one or the other. Or you find out for which type of search one platform is best suited. And if you want to be very sure and willing to go the extra mile, you can compare all the Terms & Conditions of all search engines to see which has the best guarantees for user privacy.


Are alternative search engines as good as google?
Yes and no. It depends on what you are searching for. For example some technical searches such as computer problems, technical explanations for certain programs or tools, device manuals or software development issues could be harder to find on alternative search engines. The best is to simply try out and compare it. It can turn out that Google might be the better option and other platforms cannot find results as accurate and fast.

If you are doing a very deep journalistic research, you defenitely want to try alternative search engines. Some papers or articles just won’t show up on Google but entering the same keywords on duckduckgo or others may bring up surprising data and links.

Whenever you are looking to read about political topics and want to understand both sides of the argument, you’ll most certainly ought to bring different search engines in the mix as google could have blacklisted results or altered their algorithm to promote a certain view or idea.