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Google delivers results for 63,000 searches per second.

  • Users can research, study and gain knowledge free of charge. But what price do they pay?
  • What impact do search engines have on our culture, freedom and privacy?
  • How could search algorithms be used to censor and manipulate public opinion?
  • Which threats is our personal data exposed to?
  • How can we ensure that search engines serve to advance our species and civilization?

Can We Disrupt Online Search?

What would a better search engine look like, what would be its core values?

In 2019 we gathered hackers, entrepreneurs and search engine experts, to launch the world’s first Web Summit dedicated to the disruption of online search

“Search can be a threat to our culture and liberty”

Zach Vorhies has been a former Google engineer. He discovered inconvenient truths and decided to blow the whistle. Download the Google Leaks here and watch our interview.

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